How it works

Our Merchant Cash Advance is the fast, flexible business loan alternative.
  • Using our intelligent pricing model, we provide a quote based on your business potential. Once agreed and approved, we put the funds in your account
  • An agreed percentage is taken from your customer card transactions through your card terminal, until your advance is satisfied
  • You can enjoy peace of mind and remain totally focused on your business, knowing the payments take care of themselves
Repayment_Diagram_Desktop New_Repayment_Diagram_Mobile

Pricing Example

Liberis Finance pricing example
  • Advance total - $10,000

  • Fixed cost - $1,800 (18% of advance)

  • Payment total from card transactions - $11,800

  • Payment percentage – 10% of card transactions

  • If average card receipts are $10,000, it will take approximatley 12 months to pay off the advance